Overfishing, marine pollution and disputes over islands are turning oceans and seas into political issues. Unlike terrestrial areas, the seas are only assigned to individual nations as Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) up to a...more

Charles Batte (left), Hindou Oumarou (centre) and Uwase Hirwa Honorine discussing community-level action.
Land use


Young campaigners discussed the significance of community-level activities and aspects involved in building movements from a community level at the Global Landscapes Forum last December.more

Land use


Around one thousand people got together at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany, to discuss topics surrounding the restoration and sustainable use of landscapes last December.more

Over the last few years, expenditure worth billions has flown into development co-operation and private investments in the Global South. Much of this money has trickled away without effect. To address this at the European Union’s...more

Participants from 20 countries attended the conference and discussed links between landscapes, urbanisation and climate change. <br/> Photo: Julian Martitz


Environmental risk in low-income countries was discussed at a conference in Hanover, Germany in late November.more

Food security


Cacti, especially the Opuntia species, are a valuable crop that deserves more attention, reports the FAO. Their capacity to store water makes these plants particularly interesting for dryland areas.more

Organic farming


Farmers, scientists, businesses, NGOs and policy-makers met in Delhi, India, last November to discuss Organic Agriculture issues.more

Fields of organically grown vegetables and fruit trees at a farm in Godollo, Hungary. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Mark Milstein
Organic agriculture


According to a new study, organic agriculture can make an important contribution to world nutrition – although only if it is combined with other measures within the framework of a sustainable food system.more



A COP23 side event hosted by the German Development Institute in Bonn, Germany, looked at the situation of Sub-Sahara Africa with regard to climate change mitigation.more

Jörg Angerstein, Board spokesman of terre des hommes (r) and Dr Till Wahnbaeck (l), Chair of Welthungerhilfe at the presentation of ‘Kompass 2030’. <br\> Photo: © Welthungerhilfe

In the report ‘Kompass 2030 – the reality of development policy: WALK THE TALK’ terre des hommes and Welthungerhilfe put German development policy to critical analysis, taking into account specifically the demands that the UN...more

The UNICEF report on African children calls for doubling the number of schools and tripling the number of teachers. Africa’s infrastructure urgently needs expanding. But everything costs money, which is seldom available. Taking...more

Dusk sets in over the globe at the Bonn Climate Conference. <br/> Photo: © Gianni Maier
Climate change


The two-week Climate Conference COP 23 came to an end in mid-November 2017. The participants took several outcomes with them, but left behind numerous open questions. They plan to continue the debate via the Talanoa-Dialog until...more

A farmer taking cattle to the livestock market, Garissa, Kenya. Farmers are facing the challenges of climate change. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Thomas Hug
Climate change


A wide range of topics surrounding climate and agriculture were discussed in an official side event at COP 23 in November 2017 in Bonn, Germany. Representatives from countries, organisations and businesses across the world came...more

Promoting local milk to customers in a supermarket, Agadir , Morocco.<br/> Photo: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti / FAO


The European Union has been in the process of negotiating free trade agreements with two countries in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Prospects for the two countries of Morocco and Tunisia were explored at an Open University...more

Coastal area, Fiji: Climate action needs to be enhanced to save small islands like Fiji. <br/> Photo: Frontier official/Conor Meikleham (flickr)
Climate change


Representatives and delegations of various organisations as well as politicians were on board the “Train to Bonn” specially organised by German railway company “Deutsche Bahn AG” for the Climate Conference COP 23.more

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